Mission & Vision

Safe and Reliable Permanent Makeup for All
Biotek has come a long way as a groundbreaker in the world of permanent makeup and we have accumulated an invaluable set of experiences and know-how. We are not prepared to choose between safety and flawless results in the development of our materials and methods. We also focus on providing high quality education within the field of permanent makeup to guarantee an excellent pool of professionals who can continue to serve you.


In 1988 we started our adventure as a pioneer in the professional micropigmentation sector. Today we offer the most cutting edge equipment, colors, and accessories on the market to professional operators all over the world.

Our roots can be traced back to the eighties, to where our experimentation began. Relying on our intuition and experience in tattooing, we applied similar concepts to micropigmentation and permanent makeup. We created countless sophisticated equipment, needles and colors, and shared with qualified authorities the best ways of developing the permanent makeup sector. As a result, we have become a reference for thousands of professionals around the world who export and share the Biotek method and experiences each and every year.

Massimo Froio - President of Biotek

25 years in numbers

30.000 customers around the world 2.300.000 needles produced 300.00 ml of pigments
450.000 packages sent 28.000 machines produced 11.000 Biotek methods certified 120 participations in international expositions 80.000 pigmentation samples produced active in
48 countries 10 awards and honors won worldwide

Design and technology  MADE IN ITALY

Our quality for your safety

Biotek has developed a unique and sophisticated system that guaranties the safety of customers. We have worked side to side with Europe’s leading authorities to create general guidelines for production for all companies operating within the sector. We still serve as a reference and advice authorities on safe pigmentation and on the production of equipment.

Choosing an ISO 9001 certified company means doing business with a company where quality is constantly checked by key European authorities. Biotek has received a quality certificate that endorses its production and education programs and guarantees safe, secure, and excellent permanent makeup.

The European CE stamp is an indicator of safety controls documented with safety reports on electronic equipment. These safety controls include, for example, electromagnetic compatibility, machine safety, and user safety. All certified manufacturers must receive a CE quality indicator stamp on all of their final products before they can sell in order to protect consumers.

The guidelines for permanent makeup and tattooing, as enforced by the European Council, determine the safety criteria for the sector. As an active member of the European Council, Biotek puts into effect these guidelines in all processes of production.

All Biotek pigments and products go through strict quality controls in the laboratory of the prestigious Pavia University.