Yevgenia offers a variety of courses and trainings for aspiring professionals who want to obtain a recognized diploma in permanent makeup and dermopigmentation.


Yevgenia Basic PMU Course

This course consists of a broad range of theoretical and practical classes including the pigmentation of eyebrows (hair method with a 1 pts needle), application of eyeliner (intensifying of lash line, eyeliner method), and lips (lip liner, lip liner with shadows, full lips method). Classes in corrective permanent makeup such as the study of colors, needles, physiology of the skin, and recovery processes, as well as in pigmentology, hygienic rules and the marketing of salons are included.

Yevgenia Basic PMU Course will provide a good foundation for a career as professional permanent makeup specialist.


Biotek Transition Course

Intensive training for PMU specialists with at least 3 years of experience. Method of focus is chosen personally. Includes working with a model/ models.