Biotek has years worth of experience in producing top notch equipment used in the finest medical institutions around the world. Biotek is also a leader in the development of innovative tattooing methods. Our products are recognized and endorsed by the medical world and we hold on to the most recognized certificates within our field.

Camouflaging Of Scars

Scars, whether because of accidents, surgeries, burns, or skin conditions such as vitiligo, always have a different skin structure. In all of these cases, scars can be camouflaged by applying pigments in the tone of the client’s skin color.

Areola Restoration

Derma pigmentation is applied when two nipples are asymmetric or differ in shape and color so it can also satisfy esthetical reasons. As a result, the nipples will look the way the client desires in shape and color. The breasts are restored to their previous state through the intensification of the areola’s color or even by designing a 3D nipple with pigments.

Treating Dark Circles Under Eyes

The camouflage method applies pigments identical to the client’s skin tone right under the eye. Especially yellow tones are used in this method to freshen up the skin and make it look healthy.

Scalp Micropigmentation

This is a method which treats clients with alopecia. Although this method does not actually treat the condition itself, it provides the illusion of hair on the scalp. The results look absolutely natural and small inconsistencies are effectively camouflaged. Additionally, clients can continue their prescribed medical treatment without any problem.