Cartridges & Needles

The tattoo machine is an essential tool, but its functionality is closely linked to the tips that are matched. In fact, the quality of the treatment’s result is largely due precisely to these accessories

The finishes and the composition of the needles give rise to a series of points with different figurations. The concept is easily comparable to make-up brushes: softness, length and  can create different effects. Biotek has always paid special attention in the production of its needles. The design firms work closely with international professionals in the tattooing field , creating new configurations of tips from year to year for the new methods of micropigmentation.

Each needle follows a particular process. The choice of steel (aisi 304), finishing and silver solder, make every tip a masterpiece of technology suitable for running gradients, lines or fills in many different variations.

Cartridge system

Needles and tube become a single sterile piece accessory ensuring hygiene and absolute practicality. Treatment can be carried out with ease and at a faster rate.
this innovative cartridge system comes with machines which are at the top of the collection like the stilus 3.

A range of over 20 types of needle tips

To date biotek produces and offers the market a range of over 20 different types of needles designed and calibrated for gradients, lines and fills.

Biotek’s needles are mainly classified into:


  • Liner – appropriate to the lines rather thin and with different intensity
  • Round – appropriate to the thick lines and shades
  • Color – suitable for the execution of shades and filling
  • Flat – suitable for the execution of lines and shades
  • Magnum – suitable for the execution of shades and filling