Stilus 3 & Equipments

Over twenty-five years of experience, BIOTEK produces a full range of equipment designed to meet the needs of thousands of professionals throughout the world who specialize in the field of permanent makeup and tattooing

There is no comparison
The combination of technology, high-tech materials and sizes, stilus is unique world wide. Stilus is the right answer for any professional.

Few steps, less stress and more colour
Powerful and accurate, requiring only one step to draw a line which is stable and lasting. Quick and soft, working with the skin for the perfect end product.

The balanced percussion movement, powers the stroke of the needle and the precision of stilus, making the treatments virtually painless.

Output setting of the needle
The possibility to adjust at will the working depth of the needle into the skin, ensures a constant penetration of the colors.

The smallest and most light weight 53 gr. In 8 cm. Steel
Light weight, coated by a body of pure stainless steel.

Maximum performance, zero vibration
The micro-motor and unique motion system of the stilus, make for a real concentration of technology. The stilus motor allows you to work up to 11,000 beats per minute, without any vibration.

Valuable material
biotek equipment is made of durable materials and easy to clean stainless steel.

Adjusting the needle
biotek machines allow for an output adjustment of the needle for perfect planting depth.

Pigment light indicator
practical help to see if the area has been properly pigmented.
This device releases a beam of infrared light allowing you to check in real time if the line is uniformly pigmented or if you need an extra step to re-defined.