Professional permanent makeup consists of a synergy of different elements that blend into a perfect entity only when together. Biotek provides the best results and solutions.

About PMU

Permanent makeup refers to the application of pigment into the upper layer of the skin (0.3 to 0.7 mm deep) with a special machine and disposable needle. Permanent makeup is an option for women and men who want to look groomed at all times, who are in need of a corrective procedure, who are allergic to regular makeup, or for those who need medical procedures such as the camouflaging of scars or derma pigmentation.


(Chemical) Composition

Both inorganic and organic-based pigments are used in permanent makeup. Organic-based pigments are used more often and are more colorful in comparison to inorganic-based ones, which obtain less allergens but last longer. The coloring agents we use do not contain any toxic or cancer inducing substances.

The Procedure

Permanent makeup is applied with local anesthesia and creams or substances with sedative properties. Putting the ink into the skin takes about one hour per body part, while the entire procedure, including consultation, the administration of anesthetics and the treatment itself, is approximately two hours. The pigmentation will look a lot darker immediately after the treatment.  Full recovery of the skin takes approximately three to four weeks. At least two to three weeks need to pass before any follow-up treatment.

Follow-up treatments

As permanent makeup is applied in the upper layer of the skin, we highly recommended to do follow-up treatments every year to maintain optimal results.


Number of treatments

In almost all cases two treatments are enough to completely apply permanent makeup in one body part. Follow-up treatments predominantly concern color, intensity, and details (in, for example, the adjustment of the shape or color).


6 essential elements for perfect permanent makeup


The latest technology, best of materials, and convenient design all combined into a unique international panorama.


Biotek is the only company in the world that has produced 16 different needles which are used internationally.


The Biotek laboratory has developed more than 110 shades of long-lasting colors.


Work with reliable and certified products for guaranteed safe results.


Biotek provides professional courses and trainings in permanent makeup and dermopigmentation.


Biotek developed a special line to optimize the applications. The products are designed for PMU.